Investigating an iPhone 4

Before making a final decision of having your iPhone 4 unlock  and continue using the device, it is wise to run a series of tests in order to check the ability and performance of such device. Perhaps, you are planning to get an unlocked device, remember how iPhone users take a trip to the Apple service centers only to get some additional troubleshooting and support. Therefore, these series of tests will allow you to come up with a decision whether or not have the device replaced, else, have it unlocked in order to go on using the device and enjoy its features and performance. These tests include the iPhone’s signal strength, data connection, audio quality, and not to mention the battery life.

Investigating iPhone4S

Do not immediately upgrade your device to an iPhone 4S and look for ways on how to unlock iPhone 4S, instead keep your iPhone 4 and check should the signal strength is high or not. In order to test the signal strength, you need to access the “Phone” application and dial, *3001#12345#* then you tap the “Call” button. This should be able to create a call and as the call is being made, the signal bars will be replaced with a number. Leaving this application field, you can only tap on the “Home” button once and it will exit automatically.

Audio Quality Test

Supposed you have found the safest technique on how to unlock iPhone 4 and finally have unlocked the device, keep in mind that it should never affect the audio. Rather, once jailbreaking method is being used, warranty of the device will be void. In addition, there will be a possibility of damaging or phone malfunctioning. Thereby, choosing the safest method of unlocking the device such as unlocking it at the Apple’s database can allow you to breathe and not to worry of losing your device. Therefore, whether or not the phone is locked, audio quality should not be affected. If you should be hearing some cracking noises, static and other sound abnormalities, it is about time to determine how efficient the iPhone’s audio quality is.

Camera Quality Test

This may sound odd that we are including the built-in camera and putting it to test, this is the reason consumers prefer using an iPhone over the other devices because its features are exemplary. So, whether an unlock iPhone or locked, you can still take photos with different lighting and style and upload them to your computer. This test should enable the consumer to determine any potential issue with the camera.

Browser Test

You can tap on the ‘Safari’ browser on the application screen. In order to test the quality of the internet connection and the speed of downloading the site, visit your favorite sites and check how fast it can download. This process can test the data connection.

24 Hour Test

Lastly, in order to check whether or not something is wrong with the device, use it for 24 hours. A newly unlock iPhone 4 should be tested whether applications and other features still work as it used to be. Using it too often will allow you to determine its flaws. If the performance does not live as to your expectations, do not hesitate visiting the Apple Store for the device to be fixed or replaced.

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