An Introduction to iPhone 4S

More consumers have been interested in buying unlock iPhone 4S because of its features. Although there are still consumers who are willing to buy the brand new device, however, as soon as they are not happy with their network provider, they immediately look for ways to unlock the device safely. There are quite a number of professionals online that are ready to unlock the device at a less cost. iPhone users prefer to use their service rather than take the risk of unlocking their device through jailbreaking. This is a method where chances of losing the applications and damaging the device are high. Other than that, voiding the warranty is something that you need to consider whenever you plan to unlock the device. Therefore, think before taking the first move. Otherwise, it would be devastating to lose all these features of an unlock iPhone.


iPhone 4S has replaced the iPhone 4. It has features from iPhone 4 that have been improved. These features include the Apple’s A5 chip not to mention a new operating system.

Built in Wireless Networking

Unlocking iPhone 4/4S safely cannot damage any applications and important featuresof the device. The new device has a built in Wi-Fi that enables the user to enjoy connecting to any available networks. Thus, users can take advantage to browse the web at a higher speed. This is faster than connecting to a 3G network. In order to connect to wireless networking, the user only needs to go to the “Settings” from the home screen. Thereby, tapping the “On” next to the “Wi-Fi” tab. Next, tap on the “Wi-Fi” to enable the user to select an available network that you may want to connect with.

Here’s a tip, in order to preserve the battery life, consider on turning off the Wi-Fi whenever you are not using it.

Personal Assistant

There is a built in personal assistant in any iPhone 4S. Siri is a voice activated personal assistant that users can take advantage of. What it does? Siri has the ability to locate and provide driving directions to places. Also, Siri can give general information with regard to restaurants and other places. Not only that, it can follow requests and orders. Say asking Siri to call someone in your contact list. In order to open this feature, you can tap and hold on the Home button. Next, tap on the speaker icon on the screen. Thereby, you are now ready to speak and give orders and requests. The personal assistant will respond to your request as soon as the device processes your voice.

So, it is always an essential to have knowledge and ways on how to safely unlock iPhone 4S. Else, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy this interesting feature that no other device has to offer. This safe iPhone 4S unlock method involves unlocking the device directly at the Apple’s database. Unlocking process will take no more than 24 hours. It then asks the user to connect to iTunes to complete the unlocking process.

Take advantage of these features by unlocking the iPhone 4S safely!

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