Top iPhone 5 Features People Love

Yes! Apple did it again, which gave reasons for more consumers to unlock their iPhones safely the way unlockiphone4professor does it. Generally, an iPhone is locked to its network. Although users can take advantage of its features, it is still different when an iPhone user has all the freedom to do whatever he wants with his device. Whether he wants to save on a few dollars in getting another carrier or bring the handset as he travels, an unlocked iPhone is most preferred. Keep in mind that an unlocked device still allows the user to enjoy all the best features. This article is all about the best features of an iPhone 5 which enabled the consumers to fulfill their expectations. Right from its interface, down to its OS, do not forget the design of the device impress and allow the user to forget on the other devices from the competitors. Users fall on dismay whenever they could not enjoy all these features because if they have an unlock iPhone. These are the features that enable the user to travel from one destination to the other.

iPhone Features

Revolutionary Map

iPhone 5 is most probably the device most people in the market cannot live without. Say when the user is at the road trying to look for the quickest and shortest route to his destination, a clear view of the mad can be seen on the screen. A red pin will be dropped on the location, which can in turn allow the user to get a closer look on where to go. It can provide a clear direction on the 
destination. Not to mention, with a tap on a finger, the location can be viewed and explored. This feature is most needed when travelling. This is the reason, it is best to unlock the phone and secure a local SIM card to which country the user would be travelling at. This is all about unlocking. It enables the user to insert a different SIM card carrying another network to his iPhone 5. The definition of an unlocked iPhone is saving on a few bucks in roaming charges and extra fees whenever the device is brought outside of the country.

Quick and Easy Assistance

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a personal assistant? iPhone 5 has this feature. Siri works like a personal assistant wherewith through voice recognition, the device can tell who’s who. Say when telling Siri about relationships such as who your wife is. Letting Siri send a message to your wife can be easy. Siri exactly knows who you mean. This feature will still be available even if the phone is unlocked. Jailbreaking is not preferred when after of the features and updating the OS. It might be impossible when unlocking through jailbreaking is done. So, the best procedure on how to unlock an iPhone is through unlocking it at the Apple’s database. Professionals know well about this process.

In conclusion, there are still more features of an iPhone 5 such as its hardware specifications, camera, and graphics. All these make an iPhone 5 unique and distinctive.

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lara tomb said...

good post

lara tomb said...

I too agree that unlocking a phone gives much privileges like swap sim cards,avoid roaming,high resale value etc.I unlocked my iPhone 5 for the purpose of avoiding data roaming.I unlocked it through using their remote unlock service and followed the free unlock guidelines from for aid in this process.

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